Southern Materials Recovery Facility


We have built South Australia’s largest and most technically advanced facility to recycle the contents of your kerbside recycling bin.

Featured on the War on Waste Season 3, Episode 1.

 The vision for the SMRF was to deploy the best available technology to value-add materials and provide showcase recycling outcomes for the local community. The facility includes 7x optical sorters, advanced ballistic screens, advanced process controls and robotic quality control.

The SMRF is the largest MRF in South Australia and has capacity to process more than 80,000t/a of commingled recyclables. It makes the highest quality products of any Australian MRF, at 98% purity levels for all key product streams. Our product streams include:


  • Cardboard
  • Mixed Paper
  • Old News Print


  • PET Clear
  • PET Coloured
  • HDPE Natural
  • HDPE Coloured
  • PP


  • Ferrous
  • Non-ferrous


  • Glass Sand



We only accept comingled recycling and commercial cardboard direct to the SMRF from pre-approved commercial and public sector customers that operate trucks fitted with the required safety equipment.

New commercial and public sector customers are welcome.

Contact us to find out more about becoming a customer.

ABN: 72 846 708 625



Trading Hours

Mon - Fri 6:30am - 5pm
Saturday 8:00am - 12pm
Sunday Closed

Christmas Day Closed
New Years Day Closed

COVID-19 Lockdowns Closed to Public


Southern Region Waste Resource Authority

ABN: 37 443 975 085
112 Bakewell Drive
Seaford Heights SA 5169

Ph: (08) 8327 0304